The Brett Family wrote:

"Little Stars Daycare is great for our strong-willed second son. The staff is so caring and patient with him and they are very good at helping him develop as a little person. His academic skills (counting, letters, speaking in both English and Spanish) are at a point that he is more than ready for preschool next year."

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The play space in the back yard is his favorite spot and swimming when it is hot is an added (and unexpected!) bonus.

My husband and I were very particular in choosing a daycare for our second son after having such a wonderful experience with our first, and we have been overjoyed with what we have found here!


Real stories from real parents

To Prospective Parents Interested in Little Stars Daycare:

When our daughter Sofia was 6 months old in March of 2012, my husband and I went to visit four daycare facilities in the Medford area as well as meeting with staff and management of each place.

Little Stars was, by far, the best place for Sofia. Not only did we see the love that Denys and Maritza give to the children, we also felt deeply that we could trust them. Sofia stared going to Little Stars at 9 months of age in October of 2012.

Now, as of May 2015, almost three years later, we are happy to say Sofia is still at Little Stars. Denys and Maritza have become family, and when we have had emergencies they have been there for us. We have no family in the immediate Boston area, so this means a lot to us.

As a mother, I feel completely at peace and know that Sofia is in good hands each day I drop her off. She is happier spending the day at Little Stars then being with me all day!

At another daycare Sofia attends only during the summer (each summer for work we need to relocate to the Berkshires with the Boston Symphony Orchestra) she greatly misses Denys and Maritza. The sincere care and loving is not the same. There is a lot of staff turnover at other daycares; this is not something that happens at Little Stars. Denys and Maritza have also been of great help in terms of guidance when I have asked them for help with Sofia regarding discipline, eating, naps and other topics that I have had difficulties. Also, I have seen how well the children behave there, consistency is key, and each child is comfortable because they know the routine and what is expected of them.

Lastly, Sofia is growing up tri-lingual (English, Portuguese and Spanish). It is wonderful that Sofia is learning English and Spanish at Little Stars. Other colleagues of mine pay for private Spanish lessons each week for their children, I am happy to say that Sofia learns Spanish and English at Little Stars and English and Portuguese at home.

I can say so many more wonderful things about Little Stars.

- Laura Krech

The Delisca Family Wrote:

"I can honestly say that I haven't had one complaint. I can go to work trusting my child is properly taken care of. I am totally satisfied with the staff, service, and quality. I would recommend the daycare to anyone."