About Us

Meet our child care providers

Denys Zuluaga

Denys Zuluaga is the head child care provider at Little Stars Family Daycare. She has been both licensed and certified within the State of Massachusetts for the past 22 years. Denys grew up in Colombia, where she studied to be an executive assistant for a broad variety of employment opportunities. In the year 1981, Denys and her family moved to the United States where her passion and desire to work everyday alongside children, is what drove her to open the doors of her home, welcoming every child. After accomplishing years worth of training and vigorous child care course course, in 1993 Denys opened her first family day care in Malden, Massachusetts. After searching for the perfect house to accommodate both her family, and the daycare, she found the perfect house in Medford, Massachusetts. In 2004 Little Stars Family Daycare moved to Medford. Ever since then, the warm welcoming environment of her home has served numerous families in surrounding cities.

Denys has been certified with over 100 diploma’s since she first began her business. She further expanded upon her credentials and received her Child Development Associate credential (CDA) in 2008. Furthermore, Denys is both CPR and First Aid certified and has received multiple certificates in Nutritional Food Administration along with Medical Administrational throughout the years.

Maritza Hurtado

Maritza Hurtado has had a passion for education her whole life. She has been involved with education and the learning system for the past 35 years. Maritza found her passion while living in Colombia when she was responsible for a group of seven year old Boy Scouts. After her experience with working with the Boy Scouts, Maritza wanted to further expand her interactions with children. In 1993, Maritza moved to Puerto Rico where she began her studies to become a teacher. In the years following, Maritza received her Master Teacher of Early Childhood Education diploma for elementary school grades, grades kindergarten to grade 3. Then in 2002 Maritza expanded upon her own education, and went back to school to pursue another degree in Master Teacher of Education: Pre-school.

During her time living in Puerto Rico, Maritza worked as a nun, a religious pairist, and as a teacher in Centro Educativo Paula Montal for 20 years. Maritza has expressed her passion to teach to children of all ages as a missionary in Ecuador, Mexico and Santo Domingo. Then, in 2005, Maritza moved to Rome, Italy where she took a course on Theological Training at Pontifical Gregorian University. In 2013 moved to Massachusetts where she is currently an assistant teacher at the Little Stars Family Daycare. She has since taken the appropriate courses to be certified as a daycare teacher.