Little Stars Family Daycare is pleased to offer an advanced curriculum to all of our children. Our curriculum is carefully designed to develop your child’s intellectual as well as social and emotional growth. Our curriculum is tailored to your child’s specific needs and age group. Our curriculum includes but is not limited too:

  • Social and Emotional Development (Self-concept, Responsibility)
  • Physical Development (Gross and Fine Motor Skills)
  • English Language and Literacy (Expand upon vocabulary, write own name, identify rhymes, express ideas and emotions)
  • Mathematics and Reasoning (Identify numbers, count in order, identify shapes, identify patterns)
  • Social Studies (Respect diversity, explore cultures)
  • Sciences (Identify weather, identify temperature, identify different animals, identify different textures)
  • Creative Development (Identify and make rhymes, express emotions through art, participate in dramatic play)
  • Foreign Languages - Spanish & Sign Language (Understand/communicate through basic words/hand motions)