Take a tour of our daycare!

Little Stars Family Daycare is pleased to announce its new makeover. The daycare has been completely re-modeled to serve your childs needs. We have a large indoor play area, full bathroom, library area, kids table, full set of cubbies and much more!

Inside our Daycare

Play Area

Our open play area is designed to cater to all childrens needs ranging from a variety of different toys to cushioned floor mats to interactive rugs.


Our library has an extensive book selection ideal for all ages. We offer books for all reading levels ranging from infants to toddlers and preschoolers. Our library has cushions, a table, and an alphabet rug available so children can read comfortably.


Every child has their own labeled cubbie in our daycare. In their cubbies children can safely place their belongings and take-home projects along with any other materials they may have.

Infant Bouncers/Jumpers

Our daycare tailors to every childs needs regardless of their age. Infants are able to further develop their gross motor skills along with their fine motor skills with our bouncers and jumpers.

Outside our Daycare

Open Play Area

Our large fenced-in open play area is ideal for kids to get some fresh air while strengthening their gross motor skills.

Age Appropriate

Our outdoor play area is suitable for children of all ages ranging from infants to pre-schoolers.


We have a variety of different sized slides appropriate for children of all ages.

Wide Variety of Cars

Our wide variety of cars allows for endless opportunities when it comes to imaginative outdoor play.